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Gallery of novelties

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1С-6-83; Gallery of novelties

St. The Kulzhenki family, building 12aKyiv, 04082, UkraineTel. mobile: +38067 407 18 76; +38050 325 05 20E-mail: au.ibmok%40elasWebsite: networks:, 

Hair toning balm NOTATON with BioGOLD (150 ml tube)
Multi Effect Balm:
• soft coloring
• vitamin nutrition
• conditioning
• contains no ammonia or peroxide
Temporary coloring – washes out within 8 shampoos. 1st class of resistance. Alfalfa has the ability to obtain gold from the environment and accumulate it in the form of microparticles, which cosmetologists have named BioGOLD. The unique formula with BioGOLD is a distinctive feature of the toning balm.

Toning balm "Jee Cosmetics" is specifically developed to be both gentle and protective, making the hair color bright and rich. The balm acts softly and effectively, protects the hair from damage and maintains its natural hydrobalance.
Formulated with keratin and argan oil which promotes the hair growth and its regeneration, prevents dry and brittle hair, effectively moisturizes and nourishes hair.

Color Toner Mask Elitan
Temporary coloring - washes out within 8 shampoos. 1st class of resistance. Infused with Ylang Ylang oil and ceramides. Contains no ammonia or peroxide.

Color Toner Balm ABOUT is an effective color toner balm against frustrating yellow hues of blond hair!
How it works?
• Emphasizes and retains the beauty of cold shades.
• Neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones.
• Provides uniform toning.
• Keratin nourish, moisturize and make it easy to style.
Contains no ammonia or peroxide.

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HILLARY COSMETICS1-4-51; Gallery of novelties

St. Kamyanetska, building 100Khmelnytskyi, 29000, UkraineTel. Mobile: 080 075 01 49E-mail: au.yrallih%40liamWebsite: Social networks:

An innovative sunscreen series from the Ukrainian brand Hillary Cosmetics for reliable protection against UVA, UVB, HEV and IR radiation. The series includes products that not only effectively protect but also complement each other. In particular, these are creams with innovative chemical filters of the latest generation and SPF30+ and SPF50+ protection levels, as well as a complex of antioxidants, vitamins, Asian Centella extract and niacinamide. They provide ideal sun protection in urban environments and do not need to be refilled throughout the day. To control protection, renew it under active sun and beach conditions, as well as to maintain a flawless look throughout the day, Hillary Cosmetics has created sunscreen mineral powders with a physical filter and organic rice powder. They are available in two levels of protection SPF30+ and SPF50+, as well as in a transparent formula and in natural beige. The series is complemented by a sunscreen BB cream with perfect adaptation to skin tone, sebum control and SPF30+ protection.

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KAETANA1А-3-90; Gallery of novelties

Prov. Tolbukhina, building 5Kyiv, 03190, UkraineTel. mobile: +38067 446 28 27E-mail: au.anateak%40tevirpWebsite: networks:

Rosacea mask - is a new product from the active therapeutic series of cosmetics against couperosis and rosacea for home care. It is known that a radical solution to the problem of couperosis is laser removal of problematic vessels. But it is possible, with the help of professional care products, to significantly reduce the manifestations of couperosis, remove redness, improve the condition of the skin and keep it in good shape. Rosacea products from Kaetana were created for this.

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1С-5-47; Novelties gallery

St. Kostyantynivska, building 4Kyiv, 04071, UkraineTel. mobile: +38098 477 88 82E-mail: moc.liamg%40selas.aroeteemWebsite: networks:;

Meeteora beauty creates not just the best products in the lash & brow industry, but the tools to achieve success. We strive to help our customers and partners find solutions to their individual needs and build self-confidence and emphasize your own uniqueness.
We offer a large selection of professional cosmetics of various brands that we produce: Nikk Mole, Ekko Beauty, Lovely Brows.
Our company doesn't stand still, but offers a cosmetic rethinking by introducing new advanced technologies. We had changed the approach to the industry, which is memorable and reflects our philosophy of an active, fast-growing, result-oriented company. We are constantly moving forward, creating unique new generation beauty products. In 2022, we started a large-scale growth, and in 2023, we completely rebranded all our products, being on the same wavelength as the world leaders in the cosmetic niche. Every day we are getting better and offer you quality at an affordable price.

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MASTER TRADE1С-3-36; Novelties gallery

St. Pirogovsky shlach, building 135Kyiv, 03026, UkraineTel. mobile: +38044 537 32 25E-mail: au.veik.edart-retsam%40eciffoWebsite: Social networks:;;

Meet 4 new professional brands from the leading Spanish manufacturer"EGALLE COSMETICS"
1. ABSOLUK - This is a complete line of professional products with 3 different product lines: Technical (hair dye), Diagnostic (care + treatment), Style and care (styling products).- Painting: the basis of the paint is the best American Lowenstein pigment in the world. The palette includes 119 shades based on the "Keraglycol" formula, which consists of keratin + propylene glycol. The last component gives the hair that Plex effect, which, combined with the power of keratin, gives us a shine effect and a cosmetic effect that not many manufacturers get after treatments with their colors.- Diagnostic: a care line that takes care of the health of the scalp and hair, offering long-lasting results. Specially formulated for each hair type and pH, with vitamins, minerals and vegetable fatty acids. In this line, we have different shampoos and masks, such as anti-hair loss, perm, full restoration, color protection.- Style and care: styling products with more than 20 names. The formulas texture and care for the hair. They do not contain glue or alcohol because we use natural resins and creams that care for both hair and hands. In this line we have serums, foams, hairsprays.2. ANEA TECHLINE is a professional brand that combines synthetic products, including 89 dyes, and natural products, such as some shampoos.ANEA TECHLINE paints are made in a vegetarian combination: keratin + collagen. Keratin nourishes the hair, providing elasticity, strength and improving the quality of the fiber. This protein affects color and shine. Collagen, on the other hand, thanks to its antioxidant properties, strengthens the hair, stimulating its regeneration.In addition, a treatment line with natural shampoo can help attract customers who are looking for this type of hair care, which is becoming more fashionable and in demand.3. OHANIC is a natural and herbal brand with all formulas based on grape vine extract, thanks to which the products have exceptional antioxidant, moisturizing and restorative properties.OHANIC GREEN TECHNICALS paints without ammonia, ppd and resorcin are presented in 47 shades + 31 inspiring colors.The philosophy of OHANIC products is based on a composition of plant extracts, 0% sulfates, 0% silicones, 0% dyes, 0% added salt, 0% PEG, 0% paraffins and 0% gluten.4. Dr. JACKSON is a men's professional cosmetics for men based on plant extracts, which has a very attractive design.Dr. JACKSON cares for the beard, hair, scalp and body with a variety of products made from plant extracts (yarrow, thyme, lemon, burdock, juniper) that provide fantastic customer service thanks to the quality and fragrance of the products.

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PHARMELY1А-3-71; Novelties gallery

Fortechny dead end, building 7bKyiv, 01042, UkraineTel. mobile: +38067 444 04 08; 38067 234 98 12 (Kyiv), 38067 364 82 08 (regions)E-mail: moc.liamg%40sococynapmocWebsite: networks:;

PHARMELY is a modern European brand of cosmeceutical products, created to solve the main cosmetic problems of the skin. Our team of scientists and dermatologists have created formulas that contain the most effective ratio of active ingredients to achieve fast results. The high-quality ingredients used in this brand are created in the best laboratories in Europe. All products meet European quality and safety standards, have all laboratory and clinical studies.Our advantages:1. Quality and efficiency2. Certified ingredients of the highest class3. Effective concentration of active components4. Special design and packaging5. European quality certificate6. Individual approach to each of our clients

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RAMOSUGallery of novelties

St. Kpacylivka, building 7, office 401Kyiv, 03040, UkraineTel. mobile.: +38068 385 63 03E-mail: moc.liamg%408102sgwWebsite: networks:

Dr.HEDISON and DEBEAUS are premium professional cosmetics brands from South Korea, widely known in Korean dermatology clinics and salons. Dr. HEDISON and DEBEAUS have won a leading place among premium segment brands thanks to toning cushions — innovative means for creating flawless makeup without the "mask effect" which do not emphasize wrinkles and peeling and are non-comedogenic. A convenient case with a tonal base, a mirror, and a sponge is easy to take with you anywhere and quickly masks imperfections without getting your hands dirty.The special feature of the cushions is the unique SMART pigments that adapt the tonal base to the tone of the face, as well as finely dispersed powder particles for scattering light and visually smoothing the relief of the skin.In addition, the formula of cushions has maximum protection SPF50/PA+++ and contains a powerful care complex in the composition. Peptides, antioxidants, niacinamide, cellosomes, phytosomes and plant extracts care for the skin throughout the day.

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SHAIK PERFUMENovelties gallery

St. Bazhova, building 15/20Kyiv, 02094, UkraineTel. mobile.: +38096 575 65 85E-mail: ten.rku%4050avokadurk Website: Social networks:

The new perfumery brand CLIVE&KEIRA conquers Ukrainians with the quality, durability of perfumes and variety of aromas. The perfume come in a high-quality bottle made of thick glass with a volume of 30 ml. Packaging is high-quality, expensive cardboard tube, packed in a blister with a hologram. We offer the best pricing policy for retail sales, wholesale and dropshipping. We offer promotional offers for cooperation for dealers who will show interest in our products from 09.20 till 30.09. The country of origin is Turkey.

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SCULPTOR1C-6-39; Novelties gallery

St. Sichovyh Streltsiv, building 52aKyiv, 04053, UkraineTel. mobile: +38095 506 53 18E-mail: moc.liamg%40dlrow.hsalrotplucsWebsite: networks:

The look starts with the eyebrows let your eyebrows start with rob look at rob a brand of unisex care and decorative cosmetic products designed to enhance every look. Ukrainian approach to care and design & italian production create the best solution for your eyebrows. Born in ukraine, made in italy. 01 we demonstrate our reliability through the effectiveness of our formulations and application effect. 02 we talk about the different beauty of each one of us and the products that are ready to emphasize this beauty. 03 we show the difference in appearance with and without well-groomed eyebrows 04 we are open, bright and emotional in our tone of voice. A brand is all about mood, just like the italian way of life.

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St. V. Lypinsky, building 3Kyiv, 01030, UkraineTel.: 38044 230 94 64, 38044 230 94 74, 38050 311 41 16, 080 033 94 95 (Telephone for brand advertising)E-mail: moc.liamg%408102sgwWebsite:;

Idealfood Skin Plus was created specifically for women. It is a perfectly adapted solution for modern consumers who are looking for new ways to fight ageing with proven effectiveness and fast action. It helps to keep hair thick, nails strong and skin healthy and taut. This is primarily due to its composition. Ceramosides Ceramosides™ France Anti-ageing effect; improves skin microrelief and elasticity, gives a uniform colour and smoothness. Astaxanthin AstaReal®, Japan-Sweden The most powerful natural antioxidant capable of penetrating all skin layers. It promotes skin elasticity and rejuvenation, reduces dehydration, inhibits the formation of age spots caused by UV radiation and maintains healthy collagen levels. In combination with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, it improves moisture content and elasticity. Reduces erythema, wrinkles and age spots, leaving skin hydrated and radiant. Marine collagen Peptan® Marine France. 100% purified collagen peptides of marine origin type 1 made from 100% wild-caught marine white fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Hyaluronic acid Dermial® Spain. It has rejuvenating and regenerative properties. Dermial® is a unique hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient obtained using a patented production technology to maintain skin beauty and health due to its anti-aging and regenerative properties, Vitamins Vitamin complex DSN Nutrition, Switzerland. Vitamins: (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E, folate).